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J. Todd Phillips

The Fixer • Coach • Consigliere •
Chief Fact-finding Officer • The Wolf

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J. Todd Phillips

Our CEO has held many titles throughout his career. His passion for building and leading high-performing teams, for solving problems deemed unsolvable, for creating strategies that help companies and their executives leap forward is undeniable. He has a knack for dissecting large, complex issues into manageable, actionable decisions and tasks. He is direct, yet inclusive. Global, yet focused. J. Todd is a big-picture thinker yet very detail-oriented. He craves precision, quality, excellence, action and, yes, fun! In 2013, after 20 years of learning and leading in corporate America, J. Todd launched Parson Partners to help companies and leaders find their true calling and pursue big dreams.

Indeed, J. Todd has gone by many titles. But his most cherished title is "Dad". If not working with Parson clients, J. Todd is almost certainly engaged in some activity involving his two teenage children, creating memories and finding new ways to have fun in every moment. His passions include coaching baseball and softball, woodworking, golf, travel, cooking, tinkering with old cars and fixing stuff around the house.

J. Todd Phillips

HR Wizard • Change Agent • Soothsayer

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Keena Brown

Keena Brown is a rockstar! With 20+ years of HR management roles under her belt, she has the practical experience and executive chops to lead through times of challenge or growth. Her BS in Chemical Engineering from the University of Michigan paired with an MBA from the University of Wisconsin make her a balanced thinker, an adept problem solver, an ideal business partner.

Keena is equally comfortable as a management consultant, an interim HR leader, or a long-term partner for clients looking to outsource their back office functions. She's the calm in the storm, providing guidance, coaching and wisdom to firms and their leaders throughout the US. Without question, Keena takes pride in delivering for clients, exceeding expectations and making it easier for teams and their leaders to thrive under any circumstances. With Keena on board, the sky's the limit.

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