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At Parson, we take pride in our consistent ability to provide highly customized solutions that meet the unique needs of each client we serve.  As such, our senior-most consultants are rare professionals who combine strong business acumen and experience with equally effective emotional intelligence and leadership skills.  Our consultants are calm under pressure, excellent communicators and highly effective working across all major business functions at any level of a client’s org chart.  Partners are generally expected to generate and lead multiple client engagements.  Both Principals and Partners should also be active thought leaders in their respective professional communities. Ready for challenging work with incredible clients? Make your move.


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Project managers, data analysts, technologists, engineers, writers, business process experts, trainers…Parson team members come to us having already spent time in these and other roles.  They are both broad and deep.  Knowledgeable but always thirsty for more, always seeking a new level of understanding.  Many have worked in big corporations, at larger consulting firms, start-ups or private equity firms.  But all of them want a special experience, something different.  Their drive comes from within and they have a burning desire to excel for the benefit of those they serve.  Want to contribute to our movement, accelerate your career, hone your skills and learn, learn, learn?  Let’s connect soon!